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Christmas Activities for Families

At Christmas time there is an abundance of wonderful activities for families to do around town. As well as traditional activities, such as attending your local Carols by Candlelight or Church Services, you can start new family traditions or build on old ones.

This is a time where you can combine previous traditions with new ones as a family. Most cities and towns host Christmas celebrations and you could check out what your local church or charity organisation has planned – many a church fête has taken advantage of the warm summer weather over Christmas time. Most of these are family-friendly events that are geared towards children. You can organise pre-Christmas get-togethers with family and friends. These could take place at the beach, or you could meet at a nearby park or outdoor museum for lunch. Allocate dishes for everyone to bring and make sure you all share the load on the day. 

Families that are rurally-based or feeling isolated can create their own Christmas events. The team at Huggies® have created lots of activities and crafts you can do with your child in the lead-up to Christmas as well.

A great way to discover what is on in your local area is to check out  the web for activities over the festive period or, in smaller towns, the library or the churches will have pamphlets to show what they have planned for the Christmas holidays. 

Most South Africans go on vacation over the December holidays – staying in resorts, camping or visiting the family. The internet is a great way to then find out what will happen in the town or area that you’re going to visit, or you could even call for information. Most resorts and holiday destinations have very busy schedules planned for the silly season – so you won’t have to worry about entertaining your children. 

By doing some research, and choosing ideas and events that suit the needs of your family, you can have some Christmas fun that you and your kids will thoroughly enjoy together.