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Christmas Card Options

Writing Christmas cards is often the only way many friends and family members will catch up with each other each year. Whether it is a handmade card or an e-card, it is good to take the time to write them, as it will always be appreciated by the receiver.

Planning your Christmas card list

It’s always sensible to plan your Christmas card list in November already. This may seem very early, but it will help you work out how many cards you may need to purchase or make. It will also give you plenty of time to post them off so they will arrive in time, particularly if you are sending them overseas. Start with family members first and then friends. You may also want to send them to work colleagues, or even on behalf of your partner.

Starting your list early will enable you to look up the current addresses on your mailing list. It is amazing how many people move without letting people know. You can call 10118 and get access to the electronic Yellow Pages if you are strapped in finding that elusive cousin or friend or colleague.

During November you can also take advantage of the pre-Christmas sales and pick up some Christmas cards on special. It will also give you time to choose cards that are most suited to your personality. Whether you prefer a traditional Nativity scene or a humorous card, you can source the shops or online for something appropriate to your needs.

Alternatively, you could design a photo print and send it to family and friends. You might like to do something like this cute one of baby in the Santa hat. You can create beautiful personalised cards quickly and cost-effectively.

Christmas cards on a budget

There are some simple ways to save money when it comes to Christmas cards. You can choose to make them yourself. This may be time-consuming, but it will allow you to be creative. It’s also a beautiful way to invest some time and love in a project that you know will be appreciated on the receiving end. It’s a nice way to involve the little ones as well. 

Tips for making your own cards:

  • Keep all wrapping paper and ribbon from gifts during the year.

  • Collect pictures or images from magazines.

  • Invest in good glue and double-sided tape.

  • Use high quality paper in a colour of your choice.

  • Invest in a pair of sharp scissors. 

Another low-cost option is to send e-cards to family and friends. You can choose a template from a range of options and send them out without too much time or expense.

E-cards are an excellent way to send greetings at Christmas time. As well as being environmentally friendly, they’re also very quick to get there! However it’s important to be aware that they will bounce back if your email address book isn’t up to date. There is also the danger of them going to junk mail, depending on the receiver’s service provider, so it might be worth sending a follow-up email a couple of weeks later to ensure it arrived safely. 

Whatever way you choose to send your Christmas cards, the important thing to remember is that your gesture will be appreciated. At a busy time of year it is good to take some time out to remember family and friends. You can show your care by sending them a card with a little message of love and affection that reinforces that in a meaningful way. 

Printable Christmas cards

The printable Christmas card has a definite place in the family home. This is especially because it can save you the stress of battling the crowds to find the “perfect” one at your local store. It means that you don’t have to plan a trip with your little one in tow or use up the precious free time you have to go shopping. Instead, with the click of a mouse you can find the perfect card. 

The real advantage of the printable cards means you can customise them to suit you or your family, whether you want one with a traditional Nativity scene, or one with baby’s chubby cheeks front and centre. It can often save you an absolute fortune as well. 

There are beautiful sites where you can create a printable Christmas card that you can download and print at home that you can work on with your little one. Printable stencils are a great way to channel your inner artist, and to spend some time having fun with baby as well. And if you aren’t thrilled with the result, you can always print another template! 

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