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Tips for Organising Your Family Photoshoot

As a parent you will often find that you are usually the one behind the camera. While you will probably have lots of photos of your little one, it can be a bit more of a challenge to organise a family photo shoot. It’s a good idea to arrange one of these each year to ensure you can treasure the memories of your child. Rather then being behind the lens all the time, you can capture some special moments together as a family. 

How to organise a family photo shoot:

Choose the right photographer

Talk to your friends about who they have used to photograph their families. A word of mouth recommendation is often best.


Alternatively, check out the photographers in your local area. Most photographers will have a website where they showcase their work. Have a look through their portfolio and get a sense of the kind of work that they do. It will also give you some inspiration for the type of family photo shoot you want to have.


Choose a good time for your family

Always organise your family photo shoot to suit your little one’s routine. Try to have it at a time when your child is refreshed and well fed. That way they are more likely to be co-operative with the process as well.


Select a suitable location

It’s a good idea to choose a location that your family is familiar with. You may have a favourite park or local beach that you all enjoy spending time with. It’s also a lovely idea to select a location that reinforces memories of the adventures and happy times you have spent at these familiar spots.


The other suggestion is to stage your family photo shoot in your own home. Sometimes, especially if you have more than one child, it can make it much easier to organise.


Removing the stress of travelling to and from a particular site and focusing on having the shoot at home instead can create a great photo as well.


Talk with your photographer beforehand

Make sure you chat with your photographer at least a week before your family photo shoot. Get some advice from them about the clothes the family might wear and about what they are planning to do for the shoot.


If you are using an outdoor setting they may suggest a more relaxed dress code. If it is an indoor shoot they might recommend a more formal style of outfit. Make sure that you are both clear on what your expectations are for the shoot.


Organise props and snacks

Your child may have a favourite object or toy at the moment. Make sure to bring it to the shoot. As well as keeping your little one occupied they can often make a lovely addition to the photo shoot. It can also act as a great reminder of your child’s interests at the various stages of their development.


It’s also really important to keep your child well fed and hydrated throughout the shoot. Be prepared to ask for a break if your child really needs it; however, being prepared with the essentials can usually help minimise any risk of a tantrum.


Be open to suggestions

Try to be calm and flexible on the day of the family photo shoot. While you may have discussed themes with your photographer and have some particular ideas in mind, they may not work the way you’d hoped.


If the photographer makes alternative suggestions, be open to them. Sometimes the unexpected shots and ideas work out far better than ones that have been carefully planned.