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How to Do a Manicure and Pedicure



  • One bowl of warm water

  • Emery board

  • Fingernail trimmer

  • Moisturiser

  • Nail polish


  1. Soak hands in lukewarm bowl of water for about three minutes.

  2. Gently push the softened cuticles at the base of your fingernail down.

  3. Using the emery board file your nails into your preferred shape. This can be square with round edges or round.

  4. Now apply polish to your nails. Remember to start at the base of the nail and applying polish in an upward motion. This will help you evenly coat your nail.

  5. Allow some time for the nail to dry.

  6. Apply a second coat/ top coat.



  • Bowl of warm water

  • Pumice stone

  • Emery board

  • Nail polish

  • Cotton wool balls


  1. Soak feet in bowl of water for about ten minutes.

  2. Use the pumice stone to scrub away dead skin from the bottoms of your feet and your heels.

  3. Use the emery board to gently push back the cuticles.

  4. File your toenails gently.

  5. Buff toenails gently to smooth the nail bed.

  6. Place cotton wool balls between each nail before applying nail polish.

  7. Apply polish in an upward motion from the base of the nail for an even finish.

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