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Baby Massage - Raining

This routine continues the back massage started in back and forth in Huggies baby massage and baby yoga programme.

There is no limit on how long or how often you should do these back massages. So if you’re both enjoying it, keep going. Both you and your baby will benefit from the release of feel-good hormones, promoting your health and well-being. You can give your baby a back massage practically anywhere, and you can adapt the strokes to suit you both.

Raining and Rainbows, the Sun & Rays of Sunshine Massages:

Raining Rainbows:

  • With the pads of your fingers, move up and down baby’s back with a gentle tapping motion like big droplets of rain.

  • Tell baby it’s stopped raining and use the pads of your fingers to draw rainbows across baby’s back. Draw from one shoulder blade and move to the other, then across the middle of the back and then from one hip to the other.

The Sun:

  • Now the sun has come out, so use a circular motion with the pads of your fingers to draw little suns along either side of your baby’s spine and across their bottom.

Rays of Sunshine:

  • Spread your hand wide and with the pads of your fingers vibrate or comb your hand down your baby’s back from neck to buttocks. Tell your baby that these are the rays of light from the sun.

  • Decrease the pressure of your hand with each stroke.

  • Finish by thanking your baby, picking him or her up and having a cuddle.