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Colic Routine

Colic in healthy babies is a bit of a mystery: it’s usually thought to be caused by wind or gas in the bowel, but there is no proof of this. Whatever the cause, baby’s inconsolable crying, screaming, tummy clenching and hand-sucking can make even the most confident mother burst into tears and doubt her abilities.

This simple massage sequence has helped thousands of colicky babies and is easy to do. Do the routine 3 times, twice daily for 2 weeks, and by day 3, your baby’s colic should show signs of improvement.

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Even if your baby doesn’t get colic these yoga poses and exercises will help your baby’s digestion, especially when they start solids or become constipated.

Colic massage routine 


Any baby whose behaviour changes (e.g. if he or she suddenly starts crying more than usual, or they seem unwell) should be checked by your doctor in case there’s a more serious health problem.

Colic massage routine step by step

This time don’t ask baby for permission to do a massage but simply tell baby what you’re doing.

Water wheel

  • Sit cross-legged on your mat or rug with baby lying on a rug or layers of towels in front of you.

  • Make scooping strokes from below baby’s ribcage to the top of the nappy. One hand moves after the other like a water wheel turning.

  • Do this 6 times.

Froggy pose

  • Gently guide your baby’s knees towards their abdomen and hold for 6 seconds, ensuring that baby’s tailbone remains on the floor.

  • To come out, gently vibrate the legs back to the ground.

  • Give baby’s legs an easy stretch.

Touch relaxation

  • Place your hands over your baby’s abdomen, gently encouraging your baby to relax and let go.

Hands of the clock

  • Imagine there is a clock face on your baby’s tummy.

  • With your right hand, make clockwise circles around the stomach. With your left hand, bring in a crescent from 10 o’clock to 5 o’clock.

  • Keep both hands moving to make continuous clockwise circles.

  • Repeat 6 times.

  • Repeat froggy pose and touch relaxation.

  • To finish the sequence, place your hands over your baby’s abdomen and tell baby to relax and release.

  • Do this sequence 3 times, twice daily for 2 weeks.

By day 3, your baby’s colic should show signs of improvement.