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Baby Butterfly and Froggy Exercises

These two fun moves are a great way to kick off your baby massage and yoga routines:

  • Baby butterfly is designed to help your little one develop flexibility and to gently build arm movement and muscle.

  • Froggy is good for developing flexibility and muscle in baby’s legs. It also aids digestion as it gently massages internal organs. 

When doing exercises and massage with your baby, smile and blow kisses, look into their eyes, and make encouraging and playful noises. As well as being reassuring for your baby, your constant interaction with them will help to build a loving and trusting bond between you. 

Baby butterfly & froggy exercises step by step 

The Froggy Pose:

  • Sit on your yoga mat or rug with your legs out to the sides and your baby lying on his back in front of you

  • Gently guide your baby’s knees towards their lower abdomen and hold for a couple of breaths. Ensure baby’s tailbone remains on the floor.

  • To come out, gently hold and vibrate baby’s legs as you bring them back to the ground.

  • Repeat several times. 

The Baby Butterfly:

  • Remain in the same sitting position with baby lying in front you

  • Take hold of baby’s hands and draw their arms up and then out wide.

  • Then shimmy the hands together so baby’s fingers touch in front of them.

  • Repeat 5 times.

  • Then raise one arm and lower the other in a gentle diagonal stretch.

  • Then bring both arms back to meet in the centre.

  • Repeat on the other side.

  • Continue to alternate arms for several repetitions.

  • Next bring baby’s arms out to the sides and then slowly guide them back to the centre.

  • To finish, spend some time with your baby. Congratulate him or her on a job well done.